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The fierce Halfdemon - Yonah by Erz92
The fierce Halfdemon - Yonah
The third of my halfdemon-trio.
She's the adopted sister of Raava and Vatu since they were eight. She's one year older than her brothers.
Despite her looks she's a grumpy nasty girl always searching for a fight. She loves to beat people who talk shit about her or her brothers.
The proud Halfdemon - Vatu by Erz92
The proud Halfdemon - Vatu
Raavas best friend and basically his brother, cause he lives with Raavas parents since he was four.
In contrast to him Vatu is a wild child and always causing trouble. But on the inside he's a really good guy.
He takes pride in being a halfdemon (which is considered a big shame where they come from) because he's sure he combines the best of both angels and demons.
The timid Halfdemon - Raava by Erz92
The timid Halfdemon - Raava

If it wouldnt be for his friends he would have never left his house or his mother... He was kind of a big coward when he was just a halfdemon but later when he awoke as the magi ‘Auru’ his character made a big change.

The green lights in the background are a natural phenomenon in his homeworld, Gehenna. Its aether which starts glowing at night. The demons use aether absorbing ink in order to make their tattoos glow.

I would give everything to be a demon...

//Edit: I made a few corrections
Serenia - The one true Queen by Erz92
Serenia - The one true Queen
I present:
Leader of the Rebellionorganisation Erza. Diplomatic between the worlds and people of all kind and saviour of the Nephalim.
She is one if not THE MOST important characters of my story.
And finally she looks as beautiful as i always imagined her...
  • Listening to: "I Hope" - Rebecca Fergusson
  • Playing: Lightning Returns: FF XIII
Im so f*cking lazy -.-"
I write a examina today and learned almost five days...
My friends will rock the examina cause everybody learned at least two weaks...
But instead of sleeping i sit in front of my computer.

I drew nothing for a long time =/
I should draw more... And i really want to learn drawing with photoshop but it seems im too dumb for that -.-

Sorry for beeing silent for such a long time. ^^"
I will force myself to draw more...
And i have to force myself to draw or at least write the story i want to tell =/

Im such a lazy human -.-


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Struggling with my Bachelors degree...

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